It was a night to remember as the merciless knock out crusade of Anthony Joshua continues  aggressively- even to the rings in Wembley as Wladimir Klitschko had a taste of the stinging jabs from him in a grand style. In front of 90,000 fans at Wembley on Saturday night, April 29, 2017, all things seem possible for the young heavyweight champion, now indisputably the world’s best. The 27-year-old was leaving no stone unturned after his 6th round knock out from the hands of the almost a decade heavy weight ruler – Klitschko.

Joshua had Klitschko down in the fifth and very nearly out, but the Ukrainian dredged up something from his 41-year-old heart and had the Londoner reeling badly at the ring as a punch-perfect long right cross put Joshua down in the sixth and all thoughts of phases looked briefly irrelevant, until the lion in him (Joshua) roared again.

As Joshua, the one time street boy of Watford who confessed his love for Nigerian staple foods such as Eba, Pounded yam and Egusi soup explained: “I tried to take him out [in the fifth]. When I hurt someone, I know I can get them. I was searching – Voom! Voom! – and I was just skimming his face.

“It does take a lot of energy out of you to hit someone hard and hurt them. I was trying to connect a bit too eagerly and I used a lot of energy.

“You’ve got to be smart in this game. It’s a 12-round fight. This ain’t like an amateur fight. I got through the fifth round and said to myself: ‘You’re in a bad place now, but you’re going to bounce back.’ So then I tried to recover so I could step up the gas again in the later rounds. That was the gameplan in my mind. I was definitely tired but I knew that I could recover.”

Joshua knocks Klitschko out in the 11th round
The world heavyweight champion – Anthony Joshua defeats Klitschko in a fierce battle of supremacy
Brutal! A right uppercut stretches Klitschko’s neck during the fierce fight
Klitschko had Joshua on the canvass at the 6th round with a right long stretched jab

Not many fighters would have got up from the leveller Joshua shipped in the sixth but, after cleverly husbanding his resources – and aided by Klitschko’s innate caution – he worked his way back into the contest to finish the job.

An uppercut, which he had used to good effect all night, stunned Klitschko at the start of the 11th and Joshua hunted him relentlessly. He put him down in his own corner, decked him with a left hook along the ropes and then battered him to a standing halt just above his own trainer, Robert McCracken.

The Nigerian born pugilist currently owns the IBF and IBO titles, as well as the WBA’s “super” version titles which has had him win numerous accolades from all over the world with the Nigerian government officials heaping praises on him for being a true representation of the African dream.


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