Africa is indeed blessed with highly creative, exceptional minds that adeptly use their conceptual wealth to create a beautiful narrative bordering around Africa’s socio-economic realities, rich traditions, political challenges as well as diverse beauty in and outside of the African continent. It will be interesting to know some African countries that have produced some of Africa’s finest contemporary Artists who have over the years made impact with their works.


Kudzanai Chiurai, the first black recipient of a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Pretoria is one of africa’s iconic figure in the contemporary arts space. How fantastic it is to be known that he hails from Zimbabwe.

However, following one of his production of an inflammatory image depicting Robert Mugabe in 2009, he relocated to Johannesburg. A perfectly skilled artist with dramatic multimedia composition, he addresses pressing issues in the South African region, from xenophobia to violence, to government corruption as well as other social challenges in the society.

Indeed, Zimbabwe is blessed to have Kudzanai Chiurai!


Kudzanai Chiurai, Moyo 2013

South Africa

Durban in South Africa, Johannesburg precisely, is the home to Tracey Rose who dexterously combines element of famous culture with sociological theories to pass her powerful message while painting South Africa’s political and social landscape. Her most identified feature includes her bold performance in activism such as sexual, body, racial and gender issues, feminism, as well as highly detailed photographic representation of realities and video installations. Her works have been recognized both in and outside the borders of South Africa, Europe and America, and has participated in a number of international events to include the Venice Biennale.

Tracy Rose MAQUEII 2002



Ghana, the Gold coast is also on the list of top African countries to have produced forefront contemporary art powerhouses such as El Anatsui. A professor and a leading sculptor whose preferred media are clay and wood, lectures in the Sculpture Department at the University of Nigeria. He is a prolific sculptor himself. Over the years, he has created amazing objects with which he expresses various social, historical and political concerns. Hihgly applauded for his amazing creativity, he enjoys working with unusual objects such as chainsaws, power tools, aluminum bottle tops among others.

El-Anatsui – The Red list



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