Lakin Ogunbawo: The Photographer who constantly tells stories

With a legion of twelve thousand followers, on the photo-sharing platform, Instagram, Lakin Ogunbawo (@lakinogunbawo) uses this medium to display his art; his pictures. His photographs leave one in awe. They ratify the notion that Africa is indeed full of creatives.

Lakin, almost 30, hardly watermarks his images. In fact, he doesn’t. His images feature a risqué persona, as the self-taught photographer turns every subject and model to a work of art. The artistic images I speak of constantly  has one murmuring, ‘This is Lakin’s work’, ‘This must be Lakin’s stuff’ 

Born and oriented in Nigeria, Lakin is a law graduate from the prestigious Babcock University. Leaving his monochrome clothes, and wigs, Lakin settles for pursuing a degree in Europe. Lakin chose Speos Paris Photographic Institute, in Paris, France where he bagged a degree in Photography, and further honed his skills. 

Over the years, Lakin has a maintained a good relationship with the Nigerian fashion and art scene. Thus making him the only Nigerian to have displayed his images at the current Galeries Lafayette. Lakin’s  exhibit featured bold colours and arresting compositions. His display dubbed ‘Africa Now’ features Nigerian models, Uju Marshall, Dami Oni and Toyin Oyeneye. The exhibit also follows a visual directed by Showdemcamp, Funmbi Ogunbawo and styled by Onyiye Fafi-Obi (of Studio Matte).

Image Credit: Lakin Ogunbawo











Lakin Ogunbawo

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