Pierre Jean-Louis, a multimedia artist revealed his amazing pieces as he brilliantly illustrates the beauty in African women’s hair using mother-nature – breath-taking ethereal forests.

The public acceptance of the work, The Black Girl Magic series, as described by the Artist, Jean-Louis, has been amazing as he didn’t expect the kind of warm reception that the work has gathered since he shared the images which he edited via a photography app called “Enlight” on Instagram.

The Artist, Pierre Jean-Louis

‘I got inspired by Black magic’, says Jean-Louis, explaining that the term is used for those “who aren’t afraid of rocking their natural beauty, natural hair and all” as he believed a some black women are not always very appreciative of their natural beauty, hence, his applause for the courage for more black women across the U.S who have chosen to wear their natural hair and show their African heritage with so much confidence and pride.

People really appreciate my work and this means a lot to me, he adds.

Indeed, the touched images are beautiful as reactions of the public have shown via various medium through which the works have been applauded ever since he shared the pieces.












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